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Should I Have Security Testing Performed

One of the questions our sales team is getting from current and prospective clients relates to whether or not testing should happen during work from home (WFH) and quarantine timeframes. The answer is yes, or no, maybe… If your income has ceased and does not look like...

Protecting Yourself from Online Scammers

 COVID-19 is an issue that has been on many people’s minds during the past few weeks. Unfortunately, scammers and other malicious actors are using people’s fears and uncertainties to take advantage of this crisis. Because of this unfortunate reality, I want to...

Remote Access to the Workplace

Several companies have shifted their workforce from an environment they believe they control to an environment they definitely do NOT control; the employee’s home. There is still A LOT of misunderstanding between traditional IT infrastructure personnel and the...

PMKID Wireless Vulnerability Proof of Concept

What are you talking about? The PMK caching vulnerability was discovered in 2018 and has now been incorporated into most wireless auditing and testing techniques that we perform. So, what is this new thing? The technical aspect resides in the IEEE 802.11 I[1]...

Using Root in Kali 2020

Kali linux has undergone many changes over the past year. With a new UI, transitioning to python3, and a host of new tools, 2019 was a big year for the Kali Linux team. Now, after some telling blog posts, the Kali team has made even more changes to the distribution...

A Recon-NG Update Primer

Recently, Tim Tomes (@LaNMaSteR53 on Twitter) made a huge update to his recon-ng program. I am grateful for his hard work, dedication, and generosity as he serves the infosec community and provides such a wonderful free tool. The new update changed a lot of the syntax...

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