Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), a unified cybersecurity standard for future DoD acquisitions, is right around the corner. Contextual Security Solutions team of experts, along with our illumino Security Program Management platform, can help you navigate the forthcoming CMMC framework and get your organization positioned to meet the compliance requirements.

Contextual Security Solutions is a security and compliance consultancy that has been providing advisory services across cybersecurity spectrum for nearly 10 years, with each of our practice leads maintaining over 20 plus years of experience within the field. Our unique approach focuses on providing security and compliance related services based on the individual needs and contextual requirements of our customers.

Contextual Security Solutions offers experienced security and compliance consultants, coupled with an industry first Security Program Management platform, to help our customers manage and monitor the progress of their unique CMMC security & compliance initiatives. 

Our illumino platform allows you to have 24/7 visibility into the CMMC gap analysis process, as well as those security related tasks that must be completed on a routine basis. illumino was developed out of a need to eliminate the frustrations our customers have experienced during the audit process where issues or gaps in compliance were not communicated effectively, or where routine compliance-related tasks were missed or not performed on time. The illumino platform gives organizations the ability to quickly identify the status of each applicable process & practice across the seventeen capability domains found within the CMMC, as well as stay on schedule with their routine security related tasks.

We encourage our clients to stay engaged with our consultants on a regular basis (e.g. monthly, bi-weekly, weekly calls) throughout the project.  Each of our customers is assigned a security and a compliance lead. So whether its needing help interpretting a specific practice or control, or getting confirmation that you’ve mitigated a security risk on a critical system/application or device, Contextual Security Solutions has you covered.

Contextual Security Solutions is your trusted security and compliance partner.

Please contact one of our Enterprise Consultants for more information.