Base Assessment of Security Elements

The Base Assessment of Security Elements (B.A.S.E.) program is a new security as a service offering (billed monthly) curated by Contextual Security Solutions. The program is composed individual elements (or tasks) and briefings, and designed specifically to address today’s security & compliance challenges. The primary goal of the program is to create a foundation within the organization’s information security program that allows them to effectively maintain visibility into their risks and exposures, while also improving their cybersecurity and compliance postures. 

Contextual Security Solutions’ B.A.S.E. Program was designed based on our experience working with organizations across all industries (e.g. Energy, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, etc.) over the the last decade.

Contextual Security SolutionsB.A.S.E. program value proposition was to create a year-long program which included elements that would have the maximum positive impact on improving our clients’ security and compliance programs, without breaking the budget or overburdening their information technology staff.

B.A.S.E. Program Process

The B.A.S.E. programs process creates a foundation within your organization’s information security that allows more effective visibility into risks and exposures, while improving your cybersecurity and compliance postures. The process is divided into four distinct quarters: BASELINE, ASSESS, RESPOND, and COMPLY, with each building upon the previous via the execution of its individual elements.

For example, the Baseline quarter is focused on establishing a touchstone of the organization’s cybersecurity and compliance posture through execution of a Vulnerability Assessment and Security Overlay Assessment. Data collected during subsequent quarters will be compared to this baseline to provide trend analysis, as well as highlight successes or failures of remediations implemented by the organization.

At the end of each quarter, Contextual Security Solutions will also share key metrics gathered during the quarter, so that participants can see how they compare within the industry.

Contextual Security Solutions is your trusted security and compliance partner.

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