Healthcare Cybersecurity Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment

Is your healthcare cybersecurity really HIPAA-compliant? Are you ready for an Office of Civil Rights (OCR) pre-audit? Patients trust healthcare providers to protect their most private information. Are you certain that you’re doing enough to protect them?

The first step toward confident cybersecurity is to obtain a thorough gap analysis and risk assessment. Next, companies should address security weaknesses and security risk systems that are not HIPAA-compliant. Finally, they must develop more secure policies and procedures for ongoing data security protection. Contextual Security provides full-cycle cybersecurity consulting and support to all kinds of healthcare organizations.


Healthcare Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

Our specialists test your technology ecosystem for information security vulnerabilities. We pay special attention to systems that need to comply with HIPAA. Our healthcare cybersecurity analysis covers:

  • HIPAA Security Rule
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Rule
  • Gap analysis
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • Web assessment
  • Firewall circumvention testing
  • Social engineering trials
  • Wireless network integrity
  • Security architecture review
  • Secure network design and testing
  • Incident response

With all the EHR tools and other applications that are available, it’s vital to work with testers who have experience with all kinds of systems.


Making Healthcare Security Futureproof

Once Contextual Security has identified your vulnerabilities, we can help you with a remediation plan to solve whatever threats we uncover.

Then, we can help you create stronger policies and procedures to ensure that you get the maximum ongoing protection from your system investments.

Most healthcare organizations spend a lot of time managing day-to-day priorities. It’s easy overlook cybersecurity and give it the on-going attention it deserves. Contextual Security’s only focus is protecting organizations from attacks and regulatory non-compliance.


Healthcare Security Peace of Mind

Healthcare organizations lose an average of $355 for every stolen record. In fact, the healthcare industry has the highest data breach cost per capita.* Advanced cybersecurity analysis limits this risk.

These efforts also safeguard patient data confidence. The healthcare industry is especially vulnerable to losing customers because of data breaches. For each of these reasons, cybersecurity should be a top priority for every healthcare company.

*2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, Ponemon Institute, June 2016