What Does the Current Presidential Administration Look Like for the Cyber Environment?

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

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The president has promised that cybersecurity will be a top priority of his administration. The administration hasn’t wasted any time putting together what some have called a “world-class” cybersecurity team of officials and they are diligently working to create a robust response to what they refer to as a cyber crisis. The current administration is faced with the challenge of tackling the worst hack in U.S. history, the SolarWinds breach, in which a foreign group was able to gain access to the U.S. government as well as the elite cybersecurity firm FireEye. Not only are they focused on rectifying this particular hack, but they recognize that cybersecurity is one of the greatest threats of our time. As a result, this administration is committed to implementing a strategy focused on deterring malicious cyber activity and defending against attacks that impact our economy, our national security, and our way of life. 

It’s already clear that the current administration plans to take cybersecurity seriously, as they have begun putting together a top-notch cybersecurity team starting with the hiring of National Security Agency official Anne Neuberger as the new Deputy National Security Adviser for cyber and emerging technology. They have also chosen a number of other former senior national security officials who are experts in dealing with cybersecurity. They have also nominated Rob Silvers and Jen Easterly, both of which have previously served as cybersecurity officials. Silvers is a former cybersecurity official with the Department of Homeland Security while Easterly currently serves as the global head of the Cybersecurity Fusion Center at Morgan Stanley. This team has been instructed to learn as much as possible about the SolarWinds breach and they are closely examining the extent of the hacks. 

The president has made it clear that the U.S. will not tolerate cybercrimes and his administration plans to hold the attackers accountable for this breach. The presidential administration also vowed to improve ties with private-sector entities that own much of the nation’s critical infrastructure, and boost funding and workforce training to build stronger digital defenses. They are also committed to deterring cyber attacks by imposing substantial costs for those responsible for malicious attacks. 

In reference to the SolarWinds breach, the president is working swiftly to gain international support for any action that is taken against the perpetrators. As the administration speaks with leaders of other nations, it is important that they make them aware of this ongoing cyber warfare which includes theft of intellectual data as well as direct attacks on hospital infrastructure through ransomware. They need to warn other leaders of the devastating impact of cyber attacks so they, too, condemn such acts and support retaliative action. 

While the Department of Homeland Security is certainly a priority, the presidential administration should also substantially ramp up cybersecurity support for Health and Human Services, who face increasing threats due to the coronavirus vaccine data and supply chain. Furthermore, the administration needs to strengthen relationships and build partnerships in the tech industry in order to better understand how cloud providers, online retailers, and other businesses can defend themselves against cyber attacks. 

The president has already signaled that cybersecurity will be a top priority for his administration and they have acted swiftly to address the current cyber crisis. Throughout this administration, it’s safe to assume that more money will be invested in building cybersecurity defenses and more will be done to advance existing security initiatives. 

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